New technology, elaborate design, and skilled manufacturing technology are our competitive edge.

Our company is specialized in ESS.
We design and manufacture enclosures and battery racks with new technologies and high proficiency. We also manufacture ESS operation solutions and HVAC in-house.

everything about ESS

From container-type battery enclosures and battery racks, we have ESS-specific technologies including power IT solutions that can operate ESS and specialized air conditioning units.

01 Modular PCS
The dots PCS is built using LS Electric's Modular inverter (MSSP), which is available in a variety of AC Line Connect (380 to 690) and can operate from 650 VDC to 1500 VDC, making it ideal for applications using PCS.

The dot PCS is designed to be cost and structurally efficient with a compact architecture through its unique Modularized structure by function.

02 Air Conditioning
We manufacture efficient and competitive air conditioning systems through internalized core technology and process improvement.

We are producing air conditioning systems that can control air temperature and humidity by optimally utilizing limited resources.

03 Power IT
We create energy management system software optimized for Modular PCS. It works for microgrid control in distributed generation integrated operation.

We are enhancing our capabilities in new energy business technologies such as microgrid control and power trading through abundant collaboration with large North American utilities and global energy companies.