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    We provides all the solutions needed to configure and operate energy storage devices.

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    It is our mission to contribute to the transition to sustainable energy.


everything about ESS
(Energy Storage System)

From enclosures and battery racks for energy storage systems to HVAC and energy management solutions for ESS, ESS always starts with dots energy.

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30x the investment rate of competitors for proficiency

Accelerate low-carbon environments through energy operations and management systems beyond energy storage technologies.


We solution has a track record of designing/manufacturing/delivering more than 140,000 battery racks and over 400 container-type large-capacity battery enclosures. All of these are equivalent to an energy capacity of 34GWh. This is enough for 118,000 households to use for a month and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15,801 tons per year.

34.53 GWh

Total amount of energy converted to battery capacity

118,952 households

Estimated amount of energy based on households using 300 kWh per month

15,801.6 ton

Decrease in projected C02/year