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The Dots Energy Energy Management System (QUANTUM) presents ESS and Site level controls topology, where the installed systems can be monitored, controlled and configured at various levels depending on the preferences of the operator and/or based on the application and use case being implemented.

Access to the installed capacity is available at the individual ESS level as well as at the site level. Optionally, if the systems are distributed to multiple sites, the systems can be controlled and monitored at pre-defined aggregation levels through Dots Asset Management Platform (AMP). Aggregation levels can be based on specific grid architecture (transformer, feeder, substation, etc)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based optimization ‘containers’ are hosted within each layer (i.e. ESS Controller, Site Controller, SCADA) providing a seamless integration for optimal management, characterization and operation of the deployed products. The integrated controls platform ensures cell life longevity, safe operating parameters, and continual refinement of capacity availability for various use cases – all within a performance guarantee wrapper and cyber-secure network model.

A. Dashboard
  • Provide the Real time operation status of ESS levels
  • End user can forecast the effect with live data according to the running application
  • Display the visual status, graphical live data and running recipes
  • Perform dispatcher to run ESS with programmed file in the Dashboard screen
B. Trend
  • Save all log and history to the user computer
  • Download, if required, the saved logs for dedicated BMS and meter data
  • Log storage interval/retention period : 0.5 seconds / year
C. Scheduler
  • Scheduler provide the operating sequences by Recipe, Deck and Player scheme with various operation modes and conditions.
  • Display the DECK operation status
  • ESS agnostic, can be easily integrated with any PCS & Battery system
  • Standard part of PCS as an optimal product with industry leading brands
  • Supports battery with parallel connections
  • Autonomous running and stop when there is no network connection
  • Sustained operations during power interruptions5
  • When a fault is occurred, it automatically restarts when it’s back to normal.
Operating Mode
  • Scheduler (Schedule mode by recipe & sequence)
  • Dispatch (Manual command or File simulation)
  • Remote Demand (by Modbus)
  • dots Control mode : System safety & protection function from unexpected run
  • Limp Control : Smart function for continue running even a BMS breaks down
  • Back up mode : Switch to Grid forming automatically during power outage
  • Easy Config mode : Easy setup and mapping the BMS protocol with PMS
  • Predefined Output mode : Set Power and PF separately during RUN
  • Other modes : Local ↔ Remote, Manual ↔ Automatic

The following modes of operations, and associated settings and ramp rates, are configurable at both the individual BESS and Site Level (and Fleet Level if deployed across multiple sites) :

No. Item ESS Level Site Level Fleet Level
1 Real Power – Setpoint Yes Yes Yes
2 Reactive Power – Setpoint Yes Yes Yes
3 Power Factor Mode Yes Yes Yes
4 Volt / Var Yes Yes Yes
5 Volt / Watt Yes Yes Yes
6 Frequency / Watt Yes Yes Yes
7 Solar Smoothing - Yes Yes
8 Time Shifting - Yes Yes
9 Peak Management & Backfeed Control Yes Yes Yes
10 Market Services - Yes Yes
11 Grid Forming and Black Start - Yes Yes
12 Storm Preparation – SOC Setpoint Yes Yes Yes
13 Idle Mode Yes Yes Yes

Quantum provides differentiated software technologies such as:

  • 01 Dots Control

    Battery protection function based on patented technology has been applied to enhance safe driving function of the battery.

  • 02 Easy Config & Commissioning

    BMS can be linked through simple matching work, and it can reduce the commissioning time.

  • 03 Easy Configure the Site Map

    Quantum provide the simple setup configuration whatever the site structure is, and also it can reduce the commissioning time.

  • 04 Built in Various Application Algorithm

    Quantum provide the various applications with no extra programming whatever the customer requires for the site operation.